Brand new one-take live video for “The One Inside”!

Check out Shining’s brand new one-take video for “The One Inside”, filmed live in the Mojave Desert in California! It’s filmed with one camera in one take. No editing was done to video or audio, just mixing and grading. We think it sounds and looks amazing!

This is a part of a series of videos called “Live On Location” where Shining set up in weird, unorthodox, and often uncontrollable, surroundings to perform and record live. The recording is done with one camera only, and as few mics and tracks as possible. The series sets out to capture unique and interesting moments where great musicians conquer surroundings to make great music, and it celebrates musicianship more than technology.

For more info about the recording of this video and about the ongoing series of live videos “Live On Location”, read this newsletter.