Here’s our new logo, which is the centerpiece on which a hugely elaborate visual concept is built for our upcoming album. Hope you like it! We’ve lived with it (in secrecy) for more than half a year now, and we love it!

Do you like it?


Jørgen Munkeby comments:

“When preparing the artwork for our upcoming new album, I though to myself “our current logo is the best logo I’ve seen, so why change it?”. But then it dawned on me – that’s not what Shining is about! Let’s make a new one! And now I’m glad we did, because now I think this spanking new one is the best I’ve seen!”

Trine + Kim Design Studio says:

“After six years of collaboration, resulting in design for two studio albums, live album, singles, merchandise and whatnot, Shining and our design studio has taken it to a whole new level. The first hint of what is to come is also the first element we designed for Shining’s new direction – the logo, which is the centerpiece of a much greater picture, one that will be revealed in due time.”

For more info, check this more informative press release:[UNIQID]

If you want to fuck around with this new logo, download EPS, AI, PDF and PNG here: